TAABA Winter/Spring Board Meeting


TAABA board members please join us on Tuesday, February 28, 2023 at 6 PM for our winter board meeting at Haskins Community Church (209 W Main Street, Haskins, OH 43525. We have many important agenda items to discuss.

The Board of Trustees consists of the Officers of TAABA, the Pastors of each church in TAABA and the Church Council President from each church including the presidents or leaders of the organizations in each church (such as American Baptist Women, American Baptist Men, American Baptist Youth).

If you have anything to report about your church and can't make it to the meeting, please call Rev. Jackson at 419-823-1972.

Location information

Haskins Community Church, 209 W Main St, Haskins, OH 43525, USA

209 West Main Street
Ohio 43525
United States