TAABA Virtual Spring Rally


Pastor Mary Wood has invited us to meet Eric and Yuree Lembke, newly commissioned ABC/USA missionaries whowill be serving in Mae Sot, Thailand where Pastor Wood has gone many times to serve. We will do thisvia a zoom video conference on Sunday, April 25 at 2:00 pm. 

Meet Eric & Yuree Lembke

ERIC and YUREE serve at the KawthooleiKaren Baptist Bible School & College (KKBBSC) located in Mae La RefugeeCamp near Mae Sot, Thailand. Young adults, mostly from the Karen ethnic group,attend the school to pursue a degree in ministry so that they are able serve asChristian leaders within the refugee camps and internally displaced persons inareas along the Thai/Myanmar border. Eric and Yuree's ministry focuses onworking with refugees through education, discipleship, and evangelism. At theschool, they teach English and ministry classes. They also travel to villagesin the Karen State, Myanmar with KKBBSC students and staff to teach and conductBible classes.